netTAP100 High End Serial to RealTime Ethernet/Fieldbus Protocol Converter

netTAP151 High End RealTime Ethernet/RealTime Ethernet Protocol Converter

netTAP50 Simple Serial to Ethernet/Fieldbus Protocol Converter


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netTAP 100

  • Serial to Fieldbus to 2-port Real-Time-Ethernet and Fieldbus to Fieldbus conversions
  • Memory card slot allowing the user to save the firmware and configuration data on a removable card
  • Own serial protocols with netSCRIPT
  • Sophisticated ASIC based design for high performance and high reliability

netTAP 151

- Flexible loadable for PROFINET, EtherCAT, Sercos and EtherNet/IP

- Device replacement in seconds via a removable memory card

- Secure network segregation via data buffer

- Shortest I/O data conversion time less than 10 ms

- With USB diagnostic and configuration port

netTAP 50

  • Serial interface RS232/485/422 or Real-Time-Ethernet
  • Supports serial Modbus and ASCII protocols, Fieldbus protocols and RealTime Ethernet
  • Slave to slave and slave to master combinations
  • Master to single slave
  • Brand labelling for OEM and reseller

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