netJACK Field Exchangeable

With minimal design effort netJACK can add RealTime Ethernet or Fieldbus to your industrial product, a unique feature needing only the correct PCB profile slots means no additional cost of mounting hardware. High performance isochronous RealTime Ethernet networks can be supported such as PROFINET V2.3 and EtherCAT Slave V4. The host interface is either a fast 50MHz SPI, 8/16bit DualPortMemory or PCIexpress. A complete solution with connectors can be mounted from the outside of your product enabling field exchangeable modules, eliminating inventory and shifting the flexibility to your customer. Loadable firmware is provided for the required protocol at no additional charge for slave devices and a small licence cost to run as a master. Development kits with either a host PCI-Express interface to enable a fast evaluation from a PC or a DualPortMemory connector for wiring to your application's host.

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